Codecademy: Learn to code interactively for free

Treehouse: Learn coding and web design

Py: Learn Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL

Swift Playgrounds: Learn serious code on your iPad

Codeplace:  Learn Ruby on Rails by building real world apps

SitePoint Premium: Become a better web developer

CareerFoundry: Take courses to launch your tech career

Exercism: Level up your programming skills

Egghead: Learn the latest web development frameworks

Code4Startup: Learn to code by creating real life startups

CodinGame: Step up your coding game

CheckiO: Play game and learn coding in Python/JavaScript

Lrn: Learn Javascript on your iPhone

Pencil Code:  Learn programming in a creative way

Code School: Learn by doing with hands-on courses

Thinkful: Become a developer with 1-on-1 mentorship

BaseRails: Master Ruby on Rails and other web technologies

Dash: Learn to code awesome websites

Free Code Camp: Learn to code and help nonprofits

Code-Free Startup: Build apps with the skills you already have

CodeCombat: Learn to code by playing a game

One Month: Learn how to code in one month

Udacity: Earn a Nanodegree recognized by industry leaders

SoloLearn: Learn to code for free

Codewars: Achieve mastery through challenge

Cloud Academy:  Master cloud computing

Drupalize.Me: Learn Drupal with video tutorials

Trinket: Learn Python with all-in-one code editor Watch coders live as they build products Learn computer science

TechChange: Learn skills in technology

Mimo: Learn how to code on the go

Learn Code the Hard Way: Learn the basics of computer programming

Encode: Learn to code on your iPhone and iPad  

Programiz: Read programming tutorials for beginners

Coaching Bubble: Build your apps with Bubble

Pluralsight: Learn the most popular programming languages

Invent with Python: Learn Python programming language for free

Grasshopper: Start your coding adventure

JSRobot: Learn to code in JavaScript by playing a game

Edabit: Learn to code with interactive challenges

Cybrary: Build your cyber security career for free

newCo: Learn to build a startup

Upcase: Become an experienced developer

Programming Hub: Learn to code Break into AI

Digital Business Academy: Learn to start a digital business

Progate: Learn to code, learn to be creative NEW!




DataCamp: Learn R, Python or data visualization

DataQuest: Learn data science in your browser

Datamonkey: Learn SQL and Excel for data analysis

Cognitive Class: Build data science and cognitive computing skills

365 Data Science: Become a data science expert NEW!



BlockchainHub: Learn more about the technology behind the decentralized web

Blockchain Learning Center: Learn blockchain programming

LitePaper: Understand blockchain and cryptocurrencies


Last update: August 28, 2019