Duolingo: Learn a language for free

Busuu: Practice language skills with native speakers

Lingvist: Learn a language at light speed

Lang-8: Have native speakers support your learning

Babbel:  Learn to speak, write, and understand a new language

Rype: Choose from hand-picked language teachers

Memrise: Learn languages and vocabulary

ELSA: Learn to speak English fluently Improve your vocabulary

Tandem: Find native speakers to practice together

Chineasy: Learn how to read Chinese characters

Simply Learn Languages: Learn from a native speaker

Clozemaster: Learn language in context

LingQ: Learn languages from content you love

Fluentu: Learn with with real-world video content

Reverso: Translate and learn

Reji: Learn & never forget words

Locas: Learn Spanish vocabulary & conjugation in record time

Flowlingo: Learn with TV, news, books, blogs

Mondly: Play your way to a new language

ConjuGato: Master Spanish verb conjugations

Reji: Save & learn new vocabulary hassle-free

Parla X: Learn English faster

ABA English: Learn English on all devices

iTranslate Lingo: Learn a language

Fluent Forever: Learn any language and never forget it NEW!


Last update: June 11, 2019