Chesscademy: Learn how to play chess




Trade Skills: Learn trade skills online




Lumosity: Discover what your brain can do

Elevate: Train your mind and improve your skills

Peak: Level up your brain

Remente: Set goals, self-improve and find peace of mind




Mathspace: Your online textbook and workbook

iMathematics: Your personal math tutor

Algebrarules: Find the rules of basic algebra in one place

Quant: Advanced mental math training

Brilliant: Master concepts in math, science, and engineering

MATH 42: Learn and understand math step by step

Stairway: Learn Maths with personalized lessons NEW!


TYPING Learn typing for free

TypeRacer: Test and improve your typing skills




STEEZY: Become a better dancer

Hip Shake Fitness: Join the virtual dance party

DancePlug: Take online dance classes




Quora: Get answer to any question

Wonder: Get help of expert researchers Get instant coaching for any goal

Sensay: Get real advice from helpful humans

Clarity: Get on-demand business advice

Codementor: Get instant help from expert developers

AirPair: Get software help

Whale:  Ask questions, watch answers

Plato: Schedule a chat with an experienced tech mentor

Wisdo: Learn from people who’ve been there NEW!

Nerdify Bot: Let Artificial Intelligence answer all of your questions NEW!

Brainly: Share what you know, ask what you don't NEW!




Histography: View history from 1600-2000

The Map as History: View animated historical maps



Last update: September 10, 2019